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so we're hoping that these guys can bounce back tomorrow afternoon. the cardinals, of course, lead this series 2 games to 1. we'll hear from the nationals locker room, some of the disappointment going to be emanating from there. i'm sure for the next hour or so as they realize their backs are against the wall. guys? >> tough one. they'll regroup for tomorrow. dan, we'll check back in a bit. fans are heading home with their heads down tonight. news4's pat collins got the assignment of watching the game and calling it work. pat? >> reporter: i don't know, jim, it was like getting all dressed up to go to a big concert, and the band doesn't show up. it was a sellout. 45,017 people. i think the 17 were actually st. louis fans. the fans here so excited. they had waited so long. and then -- and then 8-0.
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8-zip. what went wrong. >> watching your team not score, not one run. in the postseason. >> reporter: what went wrong? >> everything. >> reporter: what happened? >> we got our behinds handed to us one more time. but tomorrow's another day. >> i think they're going to feel the effects of not having strasburg. >> there's always tomorrow. we'll be back. >> reporter: this is what play-off baseball looks like. the big flag. the big balloons. and the big crowd. and the drum line. it's been, oh, so long since washington had any baseball play-off action. and to have something like this, well, washington, today your wait's over. how long you been waiting for
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this? >> about 46 years. >> 1972. >> all my life! >> reporter: some took extraordinary measures to be here today. >> i'm really hot. and i've got a temperature. i'm sweating. >> i threw up all morning. >> reporter: i shouldn't stand too close. this is what play-off baseball looks like. a sea of red. red, red, red. the right shade of red. washington red. feeling sort of out of place? >> i've seen a few other around here. >> reporter: now, there were some odd colors in thecrowd. worn by what appeared to be lonesome people. but for the most part, it was all washington red. fans towelled up. pumped up. waving, cheering, hoping for the good, even when things went bad. hoping, hoping, hoping.
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because we've waited so long for this. the hope continues on tomorrow. tomorrow a chance to stay alive in the play-offs. i'll see you tomorrow. live from nats park, i'm pat collins, news4. >> just a little red face now, but that will fire us up tomorrow. pat, thanks. you think that game was painful, wait until you look at the traffic heading out of nats stadium right now. it's rush hour, and we have all those people heading back to the four corners of our area. traffic congestion could be trying. news4's jackie bensen is in southeast with some of the things that you commuters can do to avoid all those crowds. >> reporter: we are actually behind me is main avenue in southwest washington. this area turns int a big bottleneck after games. because people are using it to get to the 14th street bridge, to get to virginia, and to get to maryland via the southeast/southwest free way. what we can tell you is we've
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seen a steady stream of people coming out of there. and we can tell who they are, thanks to an epidemic of red shirts and hats. we can tell a lot of these drivers were at the game. they're starting to mix with regular rush hour drivers. d.c. transportation officials have placed vehicles in this area, just in case there needed -- if there's some type of major traffic incident. so far, it's very hard for me to tell from where i am, but traffic is moving. at this point it's hard to tell because of the time of day, whether this is just sort of the more heavy than normal rush hour, or it could get worse, because so many people stayed in the stadium until the end of that game. reporting live in southwest washington, jackie bensen, news4. >> thank you, jackie. up in new york, the orioles play their game three against the yankees tonight. tonight's game, 7:30. that series is tied up at one game apiece. we have breaking news in northeast d.c. right now, police are on the scene of a shooting, and so is
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shomari stone. >> reporter: northeast 8th street. you can see the yellow crime scene tape here. it's extending all across the street here like a web of yellow tape. and basically we're hearing d.c. police say they received a call around 4:00 about a person being shot. a witness told me that he heard five shots, and police were here in less than 20 seconds. now, police found a man here on the scene. he's in critical condition. homicide detectives are out here. they don't have a motive, they don't have any suspects right now. police are talking to witnesses, gathering more details. i walked down the street here and saw a woman sitting on a porch with a man, hugging her. she had a very sad look on her face, but of course, homicide detectives are out here gathering details, trying to figure out exactly what happened. chief kathy lenier said she will be here momentarily to give me an update. shomari stone, news4.
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and a story out of northern virginia tonight. the person hit by the vre train this afternoon has died. this happened shortly after 2:00. it was between the burke center and manassas park stations. so, at this hour, all vre service is being terminated at burke center. buses are available to ferry passengers who are trying to get to manassas. the u.s. anti-doping agency says tonight it will release details of its case against lance armstrong, including the testimony of 11 former teammates. the organization calls armstrong's case the most sophisticated doping program cycling has ever seen. armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned from cycling for life because of the investigation. he calls it biased and said he never failed a drug test. well, after several cold days, we had a bit of a warm-up today, but we're about to plummet again. doug kammerer joins us outside on storm 4 weather deck with the details.
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doug? >> guys, i wore the red tie for the nationals, and you know what happens now, since they lost, i've got to throw this tie away. i've got to get another one for tomorrow's game. but that's aok for me. because tomorrow i think we've got this thing. 70 degrees out here right now. the warmest day we've seen since saturday, last saturday. winds out of southwest at 9 miles an hour. that is ahead of a frontal boundary. we're seeing more clouds move in, but still a rather nice evening. i want you to notice the numbers, 70 in annapolis, 71 in fredericksburg, look back to the northwest. cumberland, maryland, right now at 55 degrees. that frontal boundary starting to come through the region. you can see it very clearly defined with the cloud cover in through west virginia, in through portions of western maryland. that front will move through tonight. we're talking about some rather cool numbers, if you're heading to fairfax county. reston tonight, temperatures around 7:00, coming in at 63 degrees. waking up to about 43. some of you will be in the 30s. that's not as cool as things are
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going to get. >> doug, thank you. another victim tonight has come forward in fairfax county claiming she was fondled by a man she didn't know on a residential street. it is the sixth case police have identified in just over a month now. investigators believe more victims could be out there. news4's chris gordon is live in springfield virginia with the details on this latest case. chris? >> reporter: some of the attacks have occurred here in the springfield area, in the neighborhood just beyond that bus stop. now, police call him the fairfax fondleer. but that name doesn't convey the fear that he has spread here. detectives were going house to house in this springfield neighborhood last week, investigating the assault of a 15-year-old woman. showing the composite sketch of the man believed responsible for five recent attacks when they found a sixth victim. >> during that canvas, one woman, 25 years old, came forward and said that she, too, had been victimized by this
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individual. and what she described was pretty much exactly what had been happening to the other victims. someone came up from behind, grabbed her, fondled her and fled. >> reporter: the victim said s was attacked while walking on cumberland near dinwidle street one evening in september. she describes her assailant as 5'6" tall to 5'8", similar to the previous descriptions of the suspect. there have now been six assaults over the past month. >> i just hope -- she told me, yeah, around this area people keep grabbing women and stuff. >> reporter: katherine white holds her 4-year-old son close, while walking home from the store. >> it happened in my neighborhood. i live right down the street. i've lived here for a couple years now. you don't think of it happening next door to you. >> reporter: people who work in this area are also concerned. >> of course, like if the person walking down the street, it's
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nighttime, dangerous for the person. especially a woman. >> reporter: police admit that they don't know the motivation behind the fairfax fondler, but they believe with the public's help and information, they will be able to stop him with an arrest. live in springfield, chris gordon, news4. affirmative action takes center stage at the u.s. supme court today. the justices hearing arguments on a case that involves a program at the university of texas. the program uses race to help select about 25% of its incoming class. a texas student filed suit against the school, after claiming she was denied admission in 2008 because she is white. the decision could create new limits on affirmative action or roll back the policy entirely. a ruling from the high court not expected until next year. to the race for the white house tonight on the eve of the vice presidential debate. vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan are getting ready for their big moment. meanwhile, mitt romney is campaigning with new jersey
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governor chris christie in the critical state of ohio. they attended a townhall meeting here today with employees of a company that makes natural gas compressors. romney will spend at least two more days in this critical state. and plans to appear with his son, josh, at a rally tonight. president obama has no public events scheduled today. but the first lady is hitting the campaign trail in his place. she was in leesburg last night. today her schedule includes two events in colorado. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, a high chair recall parents need to know about. a passenger arrested trying to get on a plane with a gas mask in his luggage. metro showing off its new trains. and all of the new improvements. [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions
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a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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investigators are sifting through an arsenal of weapons that were found on a passenger who was arrested at los angeles airport. the 28-year-old man was traveling from japan to boston. during that layover in l.a. on friday, he was found wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying luggage that contained a smoke grenade, by biohazard suit and weapons. the man is not cooperating.
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they don't, however, believe he's linked to any terror group. there's a warning tonight for drivers, thousands of cars might be out on the roads with counterfeit air bags. the national highway traffic safety administration said the counterfeit bags look legit, but they might not inflate properly. or at all in an accident. the problem affects almost every major car brand. drivers who purchased a used car, or drivers who had their air bags replaced at repair shops not affiliated with a dealership should get their vehicles checked immediately. there is a recall that parents of very young children need to know about. the graco wood high chair is being recalled. the seat oon the chair can loosen or detach. there have been reports of nine children falling from these defective chairs. they were sold online and by retail stores across the nation. between '07 and 2010. the cpse said consumers should stop using the chairs right away or contact greco for a repair
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kit. everybody needs a buddy. thanks to a program at washington lee high school in arlington, some very special students have some of the best buddies around. bat lawson muse is here to tell them about it. >> teenage years can be pretty tough years. however, for students with intellectual disabilities, the program known as best buddies high schools is filling those teenage years with fun, and learning, and unconditional acceptance. >> reporter: these teenagers are having a ball with their buddies. it's a match party, that pairs high school students with other students who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. >> she's my new buddy right now. it's really fun. it's really good to hang out and stuff. >> this is tasha. >> reporter: they bond and have loads of fun. >> what do you like to do?
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she likes going to disney world. >> reporter: best buddies high schools formed this club, to help students cross the invisible line that too often separate the students with disabilities from those without. david's buddy is kevin. >> even though i'm kevin's so-called best buddy, everyone in here is his buddy. >> reporter: buddies are screened, interviewed and share a common personality trait. >> you need a extremely nice person who's just generally caring about everybody. >> come to the middle and everyone's going to dance with them. okay? >> reporter: the buddies get to experience the shear fun of being in high school. and they share the security of belonging. >> the great wind blows in math class. i like math class. >> a lot of these students don't share the same classes or have the same lunches. so this program gives them the opportunity to interact and get to know each other. >> reporter: and they learn valuable life lessons. >> you learn about patience,
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tolerance. we're all different, we all have our differences. but they're all beautiful. we do have a lot to share with one another and learn from each other. >> that is such a wonderful program. sign up today, and joan us for the best buddies challenge saturday october 20th. and for more on the best buddies challenge, go to and search best buddies. jim, wendy? >> wonderful. >> great story, pat. and the weather is just wonderful, too. >> you like this, huh? >> it was lovely to see the sun. >> it would be great to string a couple of these together. sunshine, 70, low humidity. >> but? >> not going to happen. frontal boundary making its way in right now. tell you what, a lot of people will really like what's coming the next couple of days. the last little cooldown that we saw here that lasted for a few days, a lot of you said, hey, we love this cooler fall-like weather. that is exactly what we have coming in over the next couple
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of details. nope the cloud cover. those clouds coming in ahead of a cold front. that cold front will knock temperatures down tonight and tomorrow will be five to ten degrees cooler than today. high temperatures so far at 70 degrees today. winds out of the southwest ahead of that front at 9 miles per hour. as the front moves by, you'll see the winds sheth. to the west, 55 in cumberland, maryland. 68 in leesburg. 69 down towards pax river. we're looking at a nice evening. clouds are going to come in a little bit, that will actually help the temperatures stay up there just a bit. radar, nothing to show you right now as far as the rain is concerned. i think this front will pass through as a dry front. you don't see any rain in it in the satellite and radar. the cloud cover moving in across the region. and the edge of the cloud cover, behind this, we get clear skies, and then the cool air really starts to make its way in. temperatures right now, only 54 in pittsburgh, 56 in morgantown, 50 in elkins, west virginia.
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cooler air will continue to move on in here throughout the rest of the night. we've got the nice weather right now. here comes that front. tomorrow, high pressure is dominating. that means plenty of sunshine. but it also means we're going to be on the cool side. many of you will stay in the upper 50s. most of us should reach at least the 50-degree mark, if not low 60s. on friday another area of low pressure moves by with a frontal boundary. cooler air ahead of it. and even cooler air in behind it. so we are really going to see some cool mornings over the next couple of days. saturday morning, could be the coldest morning we've seen so far this year. partly cloudy, milder evening, at least this season, 59 to 64 degrees when you step out the door this evening. tomorrow morning, stepping out the door, clear skies, chilly start, 37 to about 48 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, not bad. plenty of sunshine. nice and cool. again, a lot of you are liking this. 59 to 63. winds becoming southerly late in the day, 10 to 15 miles per
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hour. they will be out of the northwest through much of the afternoon. your baseball forecast as the nats take on the cardinals one more time for game four, we need a win, guys, sunny and cool, 62 degrees. take the jacket as you step out. the temperatures, friday a high of 65. 64 on saturday. in the low to mid-70s sunday and monday. we're not quite done with the warm air just yet. most areas, though, saturday morning, mid-30s. >> wow. >> whoa! that's cold. >> thank you, doug. still ahead, a father says his son's xbox had an unexpected and disturbing feature. question 7 controversy, how one mayor is getting paid to lead the fight against another casino in maryland. coming up in sports, a long day for edwin jackson and the nats. dan was live from nats park. later tonight at 6:00, the new nbc drama "chicago fire" is set to debut. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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there is no joy in mudville today. dan, oh, goodness gracious. that was kind of ugly. >> reporter: yeah. wendy and jim, that was just brutal. the nationals now have to win two games in a row. the good news is, they've done that plenty of times this season. the cardinals are the world series champion for a reason. they came out on fire. put a few runs on the board in the second inning, just as they did in game two in st. louis. 8-0 is the final. the nationals now trailing the series two games to one, and they will have to win back-to-back games to advance. let's take a look at the lowlights here at nationals park. a soldout crowd. very good crowd, as edwin jackson gets the start in the nationals' first postseason start since 1933. two out in the first.
5:26 pm
pitch into left field kocorner. 1-0, very quickly. top two now, same score. two on for pete kosma, and he's getting ahold of one. a 3-1 jack. the nationals in a 4-0 hold. jackson pitched five innings and allowed four earned runs. bottom five, a wasted opportunity for the nationals. michael morse at the plate with the bases loaded. but he pops up to right field. morse, the five men on by himself. the nationals as a team had 11 left on base. afterwards, the manager, davy johnson, addressing the problems that the starting pitcher had. >> just made bad pitches. you know, he wasn't hitting his spots. a lot of pitches over the middle half of the plate. good hitters will jump all over it, and that's what happened
5:27 pm
early. >> is there that sense of urgency that you guys have to win tomorrow to keep the season alive? >> we've got to win. that's it. we've got to win. >> how do you go about not putting that pressure on yourself, and approaching tomorrow like another game when it's not just another game? >> well, that's how we look at it. we look at it as -- it's a big game. tomorrow's a big game. and our whole season, we played up to this point, you know, great baseball. what's one more. it's a must-win. >> i like the leadership, though, manager davy johnson said, i've had my back against a lot bigger walls than this. we'll be just fine. ross detwiler making his first postseason start. he's facing kyle lohse, who went 16-3 with a 2.86 e.r.a. this year. so a big old mountain these guys have to climb tomorrow to get a win. coming up at 6:00, more nationals reaction, and an update on rg3. the redskins quarterback on the practice field today.
5:28 pm
will he be playing on sunday. we'll be talking about that and a lot more coming up. >> we could use that good news tonight. see you then. thank you, dan. still ahead tonight, get ready for major detours the next few nights in northern virginia. sentencing day for the former d.c. mayor vincent gray. metro has looked the same way since the '70s. now it's time f
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[ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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our headlines at this hour. a vre train hits and kills a man this afternoon between the burke center and manassas park station. buses are available for passengers trying to get to manassas. the u.s. anti-doping agency said it will release details of its case against lance armstrong, including the testimony of 11 former teammates. the organization calls armstrong's case the most
5:32 pm
sophisticated doping program cycling has ever seen. now, let's fast forward to the weather. >> the weather looking very nice, ahead of a cold front. a few clouds coming through across the area. the clouds will move through the region and it will usher in much cooler air. 64 degrees at 9:00. 58 by 11:00. temperatures going down to about 48. that's inside the city. but many of you will wake up to around 30 to 40 degrees. the sun coming up tomorrow at around 7:14. you'll need the jacket as you step out the door. >> okay. we have breaking news from the u.s. district court right now. a former campaign aide for d.c. mayor vincent gray has just been sentenced. howard brooks admitted he lied about payments he made to a fringe candidate in 2010. darcy spencer is outside the courthouse. brooks won't be doing any jail time, right? >> reporter: he certainly won't the he got two years of probation, escaping any jail time right here in federal court this afternoon.
5:33 pm
initially, he lied to investigators, but then had a change of heart, he began to cooperate. and that's what made the difference. we caught up with him this afternoon as he left the courthouse. but he had no comment. howard brooks the 64-year-old former campaign aide to mayor vince gray was sentenced to serve 24 months on probation, and complete 200 hours of community service. he escaped jail time. that after admitting to lying to federal investigators involving the 2010 mayoral campaign. he said he helped funnel money to brown, who was also running for mayor. brown says he was paid to stay in the race, and attack then mayor adrian fente who lost the democratic primary to gray. brooks pleaded guilty to that charge, that he lied to investigators. since then, he provided substantial assistance to government authorities, and it was for that reason prosecutors asked for a more lenient sentence than called for in the guidelines. brooks was a member of gray's
5:34 pm
finance and treasury teams. prosecutors say he began dive diverting thousands of dollars to brown in 2010 so he would verbally attack fente in debates and forums. the assistant treasurer on the campaign provided brooks with blank money orders. brooks filled in names and gave them to brown's campaign. now, brooks had a few things to say in court for himself. right before he was sentenced. he said, after 20 months of anguish, pain and embarrassment, i stand here today with a contrite heart. i did break the law. and for that, i'm truly sorry. over and over again he did admit to the judge that he had broken the law and said it would be time for him to make up for the mistakes he's made. he's one of three people who pleaded guilty in connection with the 2010 campaign. darcy spencer, news4. d.c. police are investigating the death of a woman in northeast. police tell us they got a call for trouble on fenwick street just before 5:00 a.m. by the time they arrived they found a woman unconscious.
5:35 pm
she was pronounced dead at the scene. police are waiting on autopsy results now to determine how she died. they're also working to identify her. everyone needs to worry about cyber security, so the fbi is partnering with private businesses to make it a top priority in our area. members of the fbi's local field office talked about the latest cyber threats at a conference today saying it's important to recognize hackers aren't just going after large corporations. they're also targeting small businesses, and individuals. >> you know, basic steps that you take on your house, your car, you set the alarm, you lock your doors, you need to do that on your home computer. you'll end up being a victim. >> october is national cyber security awareness month. a new online program unveiled today in virginia aims to help residents who receive social services benefits. the program called common help will allow virginians to check if they're eligible for energy and medical assistance, child care services and nutrition programs. it will also allow them to
5:36 pm
change or renew their public assistance benefits online. we are expecting more answers tomorrow about the death of the six-day-old little giant panda cub at the national zoo. zookeepers found that cub dead last month after hearing a distress call from its mother mei xiang. problems with its liver and fluid in the lungs. there is a news conference tomorrow morning where we're expected to get even more information. heads up for drivers in virginia about road closings for the metro rail project. look foreclosures through route 123 and 267. they're expected to last through saturday. detours will be in effect. when we come back, a local veteran is giving children a valuable life lesson. plus, drama today at the family home of lindsay lohan. who called 911, and why police let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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today's wednesday, but this morning in potomac it was all about tuesday. that's the name of army captain luis 'canine. he suffered brain and spinal injuries during two tours in iraq. he visited the children there to talk about people with special needs. all part of a special week-long awareness program at the school. >> i think children, and dogs for that matter, i mean, are smarter than we give them credit for. it's so important to include them on a subject like disability. something that 57 million americans have. >> the captain wrote "the new york times" best seller "until tuesday." it's a story of how this golden retriever helped him recover mentally and physically. the book is in production to hit the big screen sometime next year. tonight's wednesd"wednesday
5:41 pm
child" has been in foster care most of his life. we can imagine how far he would go with a family that truly cares. barbara harrison takes us to meet him. >> do you know that song? pop goes the weasel. if you want to get angel's attention, just get the music rolling. this is one of his favorites. and i almost got him to smile. angel, who is 3 years old, loves to dance. to whatever is playing from one of the toys in his foster home. >> angel came into care in january 2010 due to medical neglect. unfortunately he's been in the foster care system for almost two years at this time. angel is a delightful little boy. very energetic. and active. although he has a host of vocal delays, he doesn't let that interfere with his day-to-day
5:42 pm
life. >> reporter: angel doesn't speak, but he listens and understands. >> he loves the light-up toys and musical toys. he loves having stories read to him. he's a very sweet little boy. he likes to dance. he dances back and forth. he loves music. he works really good with his peers in his school. angel continues to make positive strides, making a lot of progress day by day. >> reporter: we brought angel a surprise. another music maker. but what he really needs is a family to make music with. >> i think he would be a wonderful asset to a family. >> reporter: barbara harrison, news4, for "wednesday's child." >> if you have room in your home and in your heart for angel or another child who's waiting for adoption, please call our special adoption hot line, 1-88-to-adopt-me, or go to a firsthand look at the new metro trains that will be rolling out in the future. >> pretty slick.
5:43 pm
how one local mayor is getting paid to lead the fight against another casino in
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[ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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today metro provided the first tours of its new metro trains. cars from the 1970s are now giving way for a more modern look. but that's not the best feature
5:46 pm
they offer. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live with how these cars should keep riders save. >> reporter: yeah, jim, certainly something for metro riders to look forward to, and it should mean a better trip all around. the start of a new era at metro. the transit agency showing off one of its sleek, shiny new 7,000 series rail cars, gone is the worn-down old carpet and brown and orange color scheme, and resilient floors, more glass, electronics, seats, room to stand and tools for riders on their trips. >> the new car is airy, more contemporary, more relaxing, more inviting. >> reporter: you're not only supposed to get a better look and feel, but these new rail cars are expected to improve reliability and safety. instead of aluminum, the body's made of steel. able to better withstand an impact if an accident does happen. >> importantly for our
5:47 pm
customers, it's the 21st century car for washington metro. >> reporter: it also means the oldest rail car, the 1000 series, can start to be retired, the ones involved in the red line crash back in 2009. >> these replace all the thousands of cars. they're gone. these are the new cars that give us additional xcapacity for the silver line. >> reporter: if they're the wave of the future, then walking onboard one of these, that's like stepping back in time. you've got the brown and the orange seats, the musty smell onboard these rail cars. and the carpet, of course, which is here, some riders will be very happy the day that these rail cars go away for good. >> the carpet is like really, like -- it has gum and goo and stuff on it. and sometimes like on the metro, like on the seats, there's graffiti on it. >> this is pretty old. >> it's very old. i'm sure me and the other
5:48 pm
passengers would agree, that it would be a great improvement. >> reporter: now, because of the production schedule, the earliest you'll be able to ride on one of these new rail cars, 2014. reporting live at the tenley town metro station, adam tuss, news4. >> those floors are shining. >> yeah, they are. thanks, adam. we have a little more chilly weather coming in, doug. >> a lot of you talking about that. just asked that question on my facebook and twitter page, and al answer the question, 70 and sunshine today, or 60 and sunshine tomorrow. so far, 60 and sunshine is winning. although i love today. today was beautiful out there. currently 67 in rockville. 69 in fort belvoir. huntingtown coming in at 65 degrees. what are we seeing? we have a frontal boundary coming through the region right now. you can actually see it on the satellite picture, the clouds that continue to move across our region. we're seeing the clouds on the
5:49 pm
increase. we're also starting to see the cooler air move in across parts of the region. not our region just yet. back to the west, only 54 in pittsburgh. 50 in elkins. i think that will drop our numbers tomorrow by about ten degrees. this is what you'll be overnight tonight. once we clear out the clouds from the front, we'll drop down to about 48 in the city, about 40 in leesburg, upper 30s along the i-81 corridor. and down to the south and east about 47 at the patuxent river. tomorrow afternoon, we won't warm up all that much. 62 in washington. 59 in martinsburg and 53 in culpepper. temperatures running five to ten degrees below average. the good news here is, we will be seeing plenty of sunshine. and i think a great afternoon. for the nats as they take on the cards one more time tomorrow at 4:00. gametime temperature about 62 degrees. if you're going to the game, make sure to bring your jacket as it will be fairly chilly and
5:50 pm
probably in the upper 50s by the time the game is over. 62 for tomorrow, 65 friday, 64 on saturday. most of you, if not just about everybody, will be in the 30s overnight lows for saturday morning. in the city, about 41. 50 for an overnight low on sunday. high of 73 sunday afternoon and even warmer on monday, high of 75. tuesday and wednesday looking pretty good after a slight chance of a shower on monday. get ready for the coats, heat and jackets one more time. >> all righty. when maryland voters go to the polls next month, there's the hot button issue, whether to expand gambling in the state. the mayor of forrest heights in maryland thinks it's a bad bill. as prince george's bureau chief tracee wilkins reports about the conflict of interest. >> reporter: this youtube video
5:51 pm
shows jacqueline goodall talking to citizens about section7. a few weeks later goodall started speaking on behalf of the vote no on question 7 ballot initiative. the group against the gambling expansion. >> i just want people to really look at this bill. this is a bad bill. >> reporter: she's now the chairwoman for the initiative. and she's not a volunteer. >> you work for the ballot initiative. >> i work for the ballot initiative. >> and you're paid? >> i am paid. >> reporter: forrest heights is located just a few miles from national harbor. the likely location for a new casino. do you worry about people saying, of course, she has a problem with it because she's getting paid by the ballot initiative to come out and say these things? >> well, i'll tell you. when i took this job, i did a lot of thinking about what i was going to do, and how i was going to do it. >> i said that wouldn't this be
5:52 pm
a conflict of interest? >> reporter: council member and former mayor larry stoner said when a resolution exempting goodall of ethical wrongdoing was presented to the council, he voted no. saying she shouldn't be a spokesperson for vote no on 7. >> the resolution pass the. she got exempt from the ethics. and she's on the board. what else can i say. >> reporter: the vote no initiative is funded by the casino owners who stand to lose money if prince george's gets the casino. she said she would be working for the initiative whether she was paid or not. >> i'm looking for a job now. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at # clock, you've seen the commercials, the prince george's county saying they're against question 7. well, those folks are from right here in forest heights. we'll have more on that. tracee wilkins, news4. just how much mayor goodall is being paid is going to be released in a report to the maryland state board of elections on friday, and then it
5:53 pm
will be released to the public. update on the developing story, vre trains are now running again, after a deadly accident this afternoon. a train hit and killed a man between the burke center and manassas park stations. those trains, again, up and running right now. police called to lindsay lohan's house. and saying good-bye to a former football player. and an actor. here's what's trending tonight. it was a fight between lindsay lohan and her mom, dina, that brought police to the family's long island home early this morning. police say it was a verbal argument and no one was injured. they did not make any arrests. lohan was involved in a dispute with a man in manhattan two weeks ago and accused him of hitting her when she took his phone. actor and football great alex karas, died this morning from kidney failure. he began his career as a defensive lineman for the detroit lions. but he is probably best known as his role as the dad in the 1980s sitcom "webster."
5:54 pm
his family said he's been struggling with dementia for years. he was one of thousands of players now suing the nfl over the treatment of head injuries. he was 77, and he died at his home in los angeles. when we come right back on news4 at 5:00 tonight, a father's warning about letting young children use xbox. why he says it opens up the door to predators. in just minutes tonight at 6:00, we have new details about a deadly shooting in the district. police chief captain lanier is on the scene.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a father makes a disturbing discovery about his son's xbox. >> nbc's phil rogers explains how the video console allowed a predator to come into the family's home. >> reporter: this man, we'll call him john, asked that we conceal his identity because he wanted to protect his son. it was shortly after he bought the family a new xbox 360 connect that he heard a man's voice coming from the game's speakers while his son was playing a game in the adjoining room. he rounded the corner and said he was shocked at what just appeared. >> a live image of the man standing there naked. and he was doing things to himself. >> reporter: and he had asked your son to do likewise? >> yes. >> reporter: like other new gaming systems, his console had a video feature which allows players to see opponents online. >> i directly unplugged it from the internet connection, took my other sons off the internet connection. even though it wasn't the
5:58 pm
connects. and at that time i called the police station. >> the individual said i wanted to be your friend. he accepted a friend request. >> reporter: doug kind with the police said his investigation revealed this incident was not a one-time event for the child. >> there was multiple individuals he had conversation with. and inappropriate conversation. and exposure occurred. >> reporter: the incident reveals a frightening new challenge for police and parents alike. police used to be able to go into internet chat rooms, posing as children. but now predators can use video to confirm that there's a child on the other end of the line. making the job for law enforcement harder and harder. >> anytime that there's a forum where children are at, predators looking to meet them are going to go to those areas. >> reporter: wesley is a special agent of the federal office of the fbi. he said sadly the very same technologies which have given gaming a new dimension has given the online predators a
5:59 pm
frightening new tool. >> they spend their days learning these new technologies and learning ways to try to meet children. >> the fbi says parents should disconnect the machines to the internet. now, at 6:00, the nats, ooh, they are forced into a must-win situation. right now, new details about weak security warnings at the u.s. consulate in libya before an american ambassador was murdered there. a disturbing string of attacks, the numbers are adding up now. should colleges consider a student's race when it comes to admissions? a supreme court case could change everything for students across the nation. but we begin with the nationals. first play-off game at home field. good evening, everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. high hopes turned to big disappointment for nats fans today. first play-off game played in the city since 1933, was ugly. the nats are down t

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